Fully Hosted Domains

7 Apr

Yes, I can fully host your domain and provide all the services required. GoDaddy is probably the cheapest way to register a domain ($1.99 per year for a lot of domains, around $10 for a dotcom). Once the domain is registered, I’ll provide you with DNS information to point to the proper servers and configure your account. Again, the hosting itself is free if the website is OSR-related. Functionally such as message boards, CSM, WordPress, etc., are all possible.

Hosting Files

7 Apr

There are a multitude of ways of doing this, but here are two options:

1) I can create a simple FTP account f0r you, accessible via the web thusly: http://www.rpgfiles.org/users/desiredname/

This is easily managed, and the URLs are fairly straightforward. I suggest this option if you simply want to host a few PDFs and link them on your Blog.

2) I can create a sub-domain of rpgfiles.org, such as: http://desiredname.rpgfiles.org/

Perhaps you want a full-blown website; this is the way to do it. If you want to run a blog, I can install WordPress fairly easily. Or whatever else you want to do, as it will be a regular hosted account. If you have a lot of files and want nice, custom pages to display them, this might be a better choice.


Other options exist, just be sure to explain in detail what you want to do and I’ll configure something that meets those needs.

Image Hosting

7 Apr

If you’re interested in simply hosting RPG-related images, I’ve setup Gallery2 to do so. When requesting access, please make a specific note that you only require image hosting capabilities.

RPGFiles.org Site Up

7 Apr

Setup the domain and WordPress to manage the site. Be sure to read How It Works to fully understand what this is all about.


Click the Contact link at the top to send me an email if you want access.